All changes for the tissue immune system (42)

Identifier Name Type Tissues Organism Gene Data Actions
DAA979 Apoptotic pathway in response to stimuli disrupted Physiological neutrophil Human
DAA940 B naive cells' susceptibility to apoptosis decreases Physiological memory B cell Human
DAA972 Chemotaxis and adhesion activity unchanged in vitro Physiological neutrophil Human
DAA973 Chemotaxis and respiratory burst capacity in response to GM-CSF priming decreased Physiological neutrophil Human
DAA974 Chemotaxis is reduced Physiological neutrophil, dendritic cell Human
DAA974 Chemotaxis is reduced Physiological neutrophil, dendritic cell Human
DAA968 Chronic inflammation increases Physiological blood, immune system Human
DAA986 Cytotoxicity and interleukin-2 response of natural killer cells decreases Physiological natural killer cell Human
DAA1229 Declining T-lymphocyte production in the thymus Physiological thymus Human
DAA983 Diminished superoxide production in response to Fc Physiological neutrophil Human
DAA1230 E-rosette-forming cells decrease Physiological thymus Human
DAA963 Expansion into effector cells is reduced Physiological naïve T cell Human
DAA952 Fewer CD4+ and CD8+ cells Physiological T cell Human
DAA985 Functional decline and decreases in macrophage numbers in bone marrow Physiological macrophage Human
DAA988 Function declines Physiological dendritic cell Mouse
DAA950 Immune response to Epstein-Barr virus decreases in cytomegalovirus positive individuals Physiological immune system Human
DAA965 Incidence of anergia increases Physiological immune system Human
DAA961 Increased apoptosis associated with Fas and Fas-ligand expression Physiological T cell Human FAS
DAA953 Increase in cells that are both CD8+ and CD28-null Physiological T regulatory cell Human
DAA987 Increase in total number of cells Physiological natural killer cell Human
DAA975 Infiltration at injury site is reduced Physiological neutrophil Human
DAA962 Interleukin-2 production in response to influenza vaccine declines Physiological T cell Human IL2
DAA1953 Interleukin-6 plasma levels are elevated in response to acute systemic inflammation Physiological immune system Mouse
DAA955 Interleukin-7 production declines Physiological stromal cell Human IL7
DAA944 Less antibodies generated Physiological B cell Human