All changes for the tissue hematological system (385)

Identifier Name Type Tissues Organism Gene Data Actions
DAA921 Decrease in melatonin concentration and loss of circadian rhythm for secretion Physiological plasma, pineal gland Human
DAA2047 creatinine levels increase Molecular plasma Human
DAA1954 Interleukin-15 levels decrease in plasma and muscle Physiological plasma, muscle Mouse
DAA1961 Intracellular NAD+ concentration decreases Molecular bone marrow Mouse
DAA916 Cortisol levels increased Physiological plasma Human
DAA2038 Concentration of cell free DNA increases Molecular plasma Human
DAA2055 Circulating miR-21 expression increases Molecular blood Human
DAA935 Pro-B cell generation and differentiation declines Physiological bone marrow, B cell Human
DAA1212 Circadian plasma melatonin flattened Physiological plasma Human
DAA968 Chronic inflammation increases Physiological blood, immune system Human